Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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SAP Live Monitor - Memory Monitor

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Facebook Page called SapPerformanceExpert

Hi all,

This morning I just created a new Facebook Page dedicated to my Favorite Activity : Watch, Detect, Optimize Performance of SAP Systems !

Here is the link : https://www.facebook.com/SapPerformanceExpert

Feel free to Like it and you will be able to get the updates as they come along the way ...

One of my first Post on the page:

"My Favorites SAP Standard Transactions to Watch the System's State of Health, Detect and Analyse any Performance Problem are ....

SM66 : Watch all Application Servers Work Processes, Live

ST04 / DBACOCKPIT: Find the Matching SQL Queries to long Work Processes, See its Execution Plan, Determine what's taking time; Directly find the ABAP Code responsible for the Performance Issue
Analyse Costly Statements (Buffer Gets, Disk Reads, Elapsed Time), work on the worst ones to lower their load on the Database

SM04 : Using its Memory View, Watch detailed (per user and /or per mode) Memory Usage (Roll, Paging, Extended, Heap)

ST12 : Trace

ST02 : Application Server Memory / Buffers

ST03 : Response Time of Transactions

ST22 : Dumps

and more ...

With these above, you can already do a lot, and probably Solve most Problems"

Thursday, May 15, 2014

SAP Live Monitor - Demo Documentation available

The Demo Documentation I have been working on this week is now available on request. Go to the Download Link to the right or click the DEMO picture



Monday, May 12, 2014

LOAD Simulation Program written

The Load can now be simulated now on the SAP Demo system:
- Dialog WP
- Background WP
- DB Sessions
- Memory
- Enqueue

To try out the Main Monitor and all the other Performance Monitors, a transaction will be launched to create system activity just before

Main Monitor

Focus on CPU & Memory

Memory Monitor

Saturday, February 8, 2014

CPU, DB, Memory, Enqueue Load Jobs and several Work Processes and Sessions Randomly

Now that a DEMO user is available, I am creating an ABAP program to Simulate some Load on the SAP system

It will generate some CPU, DB, Enqueue, Memory activity, randomly on several WP and DB Sessions, plus schedule jobs .... trying to recreate an normal system activity ...

Stay tuned ...

Saturday, December 21, 2013

SAP Live Monitor at GDF SUEZ during the first days after Major Upgrade last summer

Last summer at GDF SUEZ there has been a Major  ISU and CRM Upgrade, combined with an Architecture Change, and during the Testing Phase, Launch and Run, my SAP Live Monitor has been used a lot ...

Here is a picture taken in the "War Room" right after the Go Live while we were experiencing Load with our call centers 3,500 online users ramping up slowly to reach the peak at the end of the first morning

My SAP Live Monitor was projected on the wall for everybody to see the impact of the users on the Application Servers Work Processes, CPU & Memory

The Satisfaction of having programmed a useful tool is priceless :-)

On this photo, right side, front to back:
- Nicolas MAILLARD , a very good high level SAP System Administrator, Oracle RAC specialist
- Abdel SIDHOM , SAP IT Performance Team manager at GDF SUEZ, also brilliant guy, check out his website: STechno.net (formerly SAPTEchno.net); I learned a lot working closely with him for more than 3 years
- Reynald QUEILLE , Head of ALEMA Conseil, SAP Architecte at GDF SUEZ


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