Thursday, May 3, 2012

SAP Real Time Monitor

This is the Monitor I developped in ABAP from ground up

(image blurred to hide customer data)

Global Monitoring of SAP ISU & CRM Productions systems

Detailed description of this Live Monitor:

- Work Process of all Appplication Servers (Dialog & Batch separatly) (red bars)
- CPU of all Appplication Servers (yellow/orange bars) with Global Instance Name (Virtualized Solaris)
- Oracle Database Sessions (blue bars) & CPU (yellow/orange bars)
- Middleware Queues (Inbound & Outbound) and their status
- CRM Bdocs throughput
- CRM average Factsheet / CIC0 display time
- Locks entries
- Active / Running Jobs with a Warning if their duration exceeds their average duration time

All these data / graphs are refreshed every 3 seconds automatically so that you can supervize what is going on both ISU & CRM SAP Production Systems, allowing you to follow production activity "Live" and anticipate any incident

(image blurred to hide customer data)

A longer, commented, and more in depth video of the monitor is coming soon; You will then be able to see all the interactions possible from the Monitor to detect and analyse any problem on the monitored systems, including alerts received by email (iPhone version too); Stay tuned ...

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