Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SAP Live Monitor - Extended Version & Other Root Cause Analysis Tools

As promised, here is an extended version of my SAP Monitoring Tool, SAP Live Monitor, developed in ABAP from ground up

(All images and videos are blurred to hide customer data)

Here are some screenshots from the above videos with a quick description / explanation so you can have an overview in one minute of the monitoring and diagnosys tools I developed

Work Processes & Database Sessions Merged in to one live auto-refreshed Monitor (SM66 + ST04 with more valuable info)

Middle Bdocs Distribution Report : See who/what generated what Bdocs in volume over time 

Main Global Live SAP ISU & CRM Monitor : From this one, you can access all the others

WP & Sessions 

Middleware Queues Live Monitor

Factsheet Repsonse Time Distribution (different levels of time, auto-refresh enabled)

WP & Sessions : The two red lines on the right show that this SQL query - executed right now - does not behave as usual and has deltas in Buffer Gets or Elapsed - delta concept - 

Main Live SAP Monitor: you can click on almost anything to geta  detailed view of what is going on and get to the root of a problem quickly

Jobs Analysis over time: Here one job has been selected - clicked on - in the Main Monitor above and this displays its history and duration in a bar graph

Clicking on any Hasvalue/SQLid will bring you to the Standard SQL EXPLAIN PLAN transaction

for further analysis on the table statistics / indexs used

Active Jobs Monitor: All the Running jobs + Aborted one ('A' red flag)  + Finished ones ('F' green flag)
If a job's duration is abnormal, you are warned by a orange then '!' flag and if you pass your mouse over it, it tells you how long it lasted a week ago 

I receive Alerts, based on thresholds defined for each monitored object (WP, Bdocs flow, DB CPU, SQL Queries Delta, etc); If something goes wrong on these two ISU and CRM systems, I know about within one or two minutes only, as one or more emails arrived on my iPhone inbox with detailled graph screenshot telling exactly what the problem is, and this is 24/7

Database (DB) CPU Alert

SQL Queries Delta Alert

Dialog Work Processes Alert

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