Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SAP Live Monitor - New Memory Monitor

I am happy to announce a new monitor called Memory Monitor showing real time memory for each application server of a SAP system or several

On the right side of the SAP Live Monitor below, you can see a summarized version of it, with 4 percentages for the Roll, Paging, Extended and Heap Memories for each line / AS

Here everything is green, but once the memory percentages go beyond certain thresholds, they will appear in Orange and then Red - threshold values are settable in the selection screen -

(Image blurred to hide customer data)

Clicking on any memory value will display the detailed Memory Monitor showing, for each application server of the selected system, detailed values for each type of memory:
- Roll Memory
- Paging Memory
- Extended Memory
- Heap Memory
Here also the figures go Orange then Red if any threshold is reached,a dn the whole thing is automatically refresh every second (settable)

(Image blurred to hide customer data)

Also, for each memory type, if requested, you can see the detail of each user's use of this memory, the running program/job and the table queried - if any -.

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From there, clicking on this table, you can acces the history data of this SQL query and its Explain Plan, etc

(Image blurred to hide customer data)

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