Saturday, December 21, 2013

SAP Live Monitor at GDF SUEZ during the first days after Major Upgrade last summer

Last summer at GDF SUEZ there has been a Major  ISU and CRM Upgrade, combined with an Architecture Change, and during the Testing Phase, Launch and Run, my SAP Live Monitor has been used a lot ...

Here is a picture taken in the "War Room" right after the Go Live while we were experiencing Load with our call centers 3,500 online users ramping up slowly to reach the peak at the end of the first morning

My SAP Live Monitor was projected on the wall for everybody to see the impact of the users on the Application Servers Work Processes, CPU & Memory

The Satisfaction of having programmed a useful tool is priceless :-)

On this photo, right side, front to back:
- Nicolas MAILLARD , a very good high level SAP System Administrator, Oracle RAC specialist
- Abdel SIDHOM , SAP IT Performance Team manager at GDF SUEZ, also brilliant guy, check out his website: (formerly; I learned a lot working closely with him for more than 3 years
- Reynald QUEILLE , Head of ALEMA Conseil, SAP Architecte at GDF SUEZ

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